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The Unburnout Strategy 

Participation Agreement

When you enroll in The Unburnout Strategy™, you are agreeing to the following conditional return policy. Please read carefully.

This Group Coaching Participation Agreement (“Agreement”) governs the terms and conditions for participation by the Participant identified below (“Participant”) in a group coaching program (“Program”) created by Angela Tam Consulting LLC.


The Program 

The Program is a coaching program with a 4 month commitment for Asian Womxn Entrepreneurs organized to educate participants about various aspects of fostering healthy relationships. The Program will run from the first day payment is received (“Program Start Date”) by Angela Tam Consulting LLC through 3 months (“Program End Date”).



Nature of Services Provided


I am pleased to be working with you to provide you with life coaching services.  The Unburnout Strategy can help you to make connections between past trauma and current burnout states.  Through a range of psychoeducational modules, both synchronous and asynchronous, participants will guide themselves through a better understanding of how trauma impacts health, mood, and achieving your goals. 


While I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, the life coaching services I offer are not counseling or psychotherapy, nor are these services intended as health care of any kind.  In addition, these consulting services are not intended to diagnose or treat any physical or mental illness, dysfunction or condition, nor should they be considered a substitute for any healthcare services.


If you experience a mental, emotional, or physical condition that requires the care of a healthcare provider, I will be happy to help you to find appropriate referral resources.


Professional Privacy


I cannot keep the details and content of our sessions private.  The legal rules of confidentiality for healthcare information will not apply to our relationship.  In addition, we cannot create a clinician/client relationship and the rules of privilege will not apply.  I am required by law to disclose certain information including suspected abuse or neglect of children under RCW 26.44 or suspected abuse or neglect of vulnerable adults under RCW 74.34.


Participant understands that given the group format of this Program, information provided or shared with the Company or other participants, whether in the form of comments, discussions in Program related forums, coaching calls, webcasts, or otherwise are not confidential.


No Lifetime Access

Participant understands that his/her enrollment in the Program is for a period of three (4) months. Participant will maintain access to the Program for as long as they are actively enrolled.


Participation Fees


The Fee for the Program is $3,500, If Participant pays in full at time of signing this Agreement.


The Program Fee includes:

  • Access to membership portal with trainings for duration of enrollment;

  • Access to 4 monthly group coaching calls for duration of enrollment;

  • Two private 1:1 sessions

  • A group opening and closing celebration ceremony

  • Facebook group for duration of enrollment 


In consideration of the Services provided by us to you, you agree to pay us the current program fee at the time of joining as a one lump sum payment for 4 months of access or in monthly payments. In the event that any authorized charge applied by us to your card fails, you remain responsible for payment as agreed herein, as well as any penalty fees.


For Participants Selecting the Payment Plan


(a) Payment and Expenses


Participant must return a signed copy of this Agreement and make an Initial Payment of $950 to the Company (“Initial Payment”). Failure to return a signed copy of this Agreement and pay the Program Fee by the foregoing deadline will result in Participant forfeiting his/her admission into the Program. 


The remaining 3 monthly installments of $950 must be paid each consecutive month starting 30 days after Initial Payment until the Program Fee is paid in full. 

Participant authorizes Company to automatically charge the credit card on file for any and all Program Fee balances owed and agrees to keep this information current with the Company. If any payment is insufficient or declined for any reason, Company may remove Participant from the Program and shall have no liability in that regard. If the full payment is not received by the due date, a $55.00 late payment fee may be assessed. 


Your participation in the Program requires the full financial commitment. You agree to pay this sum in accordance with the Company’s payment options outlined in your client account, via Company’s online payment system. The primary method of payment must be a major credit card with secure checking or savings account from reputable financial institution as a secondary form of payment. Secondary form of payment will be used upon default or missed payment from the primary method of payment. Company utilizes a third-party shopping cart plug-in to process payments.


You are responsible for any such expenses that You may incur as it relates to Your participation in the Program. Including but not limited to: equipment and software needed to implement the Program and travel costs. This information is subject to change without notice.


(b) Recurring Payments


If the payment date falls on a weekend or holiday, I understand that the payment may be executed on the next business day. In the case of a transaction being rejected for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) I understand that the Company may at its discretion attempt to process the charge again. 


(c) Cancellations


Requests for cancellations and/or refunds received by Company will not be honored and any outstanding balance owed to the Company for the Program must be paid in full within the first 6 month period. Changes or substitutions cannot be made to the Program participant. No refunds are allowed under any circumstances. 


Participant’s Conduct

Participant agrees to conduct him/herself in a dignified and professional manner and shall not engage in any activity that is detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of other Program participants and attendees. Participant acknowledges and agrees that Company reserves the right to remove Participant from the Program, without reimbursement, if Company, in its sole discretion, determines that Participant’s behavior creates a disruption or hinders the Program or the enjoyment of the Program by other participants.

The Program may only be accessed by the Participant – the individual who is the customer on record with the Company. The Program, including any usernames or passwords, may only be used by Participant as permitted herein and may not be sold or distributed without the Company’s express written consent.




Participant agrees that the Company may use any images, audio recordings or video recordings of Participant obtained while enrolled in the Program. Participant waives any right to payment, royalties or any other consideration for the use of such images, audio recordings or video recordings. Participant waives the right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written or electronic copy, wherein Participant’s likeness appears. The Company is hereby held harmless and released and forever discharged from all claims, demands, and causes of action which Participant, their heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, or any other persons acting on Participant’s behalf or on behalf of the Participant’s estates have or may have by reason of this authorization.


Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights in and to the Program, the Program content, and all materials distributed at or in connection with the Program are owned by the Company or the Program partners presenting during the course of the Program. Participant will not use or reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce such content or materials displayed at, distributed at or provided in connection with the Program for any reason without the prior written permission of the Company.


Disclaimer of Warranties

The Company gives no warranties with respect to any aspect of the Program or any materials related thereto or offered in connection with the Program and, to the fullest extent possible under the laws governing this Agreement, disclaims all implied warranties, including but not limited to warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, timeliness, and merchantability. Participant accepts and agrees that he/she is fully responsible for his/her progress and results and that Company offers no representations, warranties or guarantees verbally or in writing regarding Participant’s future earnings, business profit, marketing performance, customer growth, or results of any kind. The Company does not guarantee that Participant will achieve any results using any of the ideas, tools, strategies or recommendations presented at the Program, and nothing at the Program is a promise or guarantee to Participant of such results.

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