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Are You Ready To Live Beyond Survival and Go For What You Really Want?

Good news: You don't need to downplay your needs and play small 

Apply for Embody today.

Embody is a practical, mind body coaching program for 1st/2nd Generation Womxn of Color, who want to unlearn harmful generational narratives about hustling and to curate their own career changes and decisions.

Are you driven by a sense of duty to others or living a life that is driven by your desires?

When you are highly critical towards yourself, put your needs last by always saying "yes" to requests, you can't serve yourself or others well. Create a business model that centers your needs first, so that you can serve your clients from a full cup. 

Contrary to what you've heard, you don't have to suppress your desires in order to be more acceptable to others. 

You have to put yourself first. PERIOD. You just need to know how. 

You've been directing your energy outward towards fulfilling expectations at the cost of your own desires. And you are low key salty about that.

You are tired of putting other people's needs ahead of your desires. 

You are operating from "people pleasing" mode, instead of your higher self. 


As a a womxn/NB 1st/2nd Gen adult child of Immigrants, you want to live life on your own terms, but you've been playing it safe in your career so that your family's excessive worries about you are kept in check. But you've had to ignore or suppress your true desires in order to keep your family/society happy. 

You've gone long enough living out other people's dreams. Now it's time to live out your own. 


Doing status quo sounds tempting when it looks like NOTHING will work. You've pretended to be okay for far too long. You even fantasize about quitting your job and hiding it from your parents. But the thing is... you’re COMMITTED to making this "forging your own path" happen -- and cracking the code on living out your dreams. It is time for you to show up for yourself. You deserve to have a life of freedom.


You’ve already tried…


  • Staying quiet and playing it safe 

  • Listening to podcasts and reading books about making the leap into a different career

  • Saving posts on Instagram about being brave


It’s frustrating and demoralizing to feel like you’ve tried (or at least considered) it all, and to be honest you’re TIRED and ready for a different way.

Real talk: the reason you haven't made big moves in your career is because you are operating from a place of survival. It has never felt safe to dream about anything bigger than your current reality.

We've seen 1st/2nd Gen Immigrants struggle with being in survival mode, which is why we created Embody.


With this program, we've helped clients do the internal work to unlearn old survival strategies and write a new story for their lives by getting super clear on your career vision and taking steps to actually go for it. 

If you’re truly ready to create a career that you love, Embody was designed specifically to help you get there.


Our approach is different than other "mindset" programs because it takes into consideration your mind and body working together. We recognize that if we were to create a life that you love, it would require a daily commitment to small, sustainable actions that lead to lasting change. 

Over 8 weeks working through Embody, we will focus on the following areas and goals:

1) Objective #1- Connect with Your Self

  • Change your relationship with yourself by looking inward instead of outward for validation

  • Learn about how your limiting beliefs play a role in your everyday decisions

  • Get crystal clear about your limiting beliefs 

  • learn to befriend instead of avoid your biggest fears: fears of judgment, rejection, not being enough, and disappointing others.

2) Objective #2-  Gain Clarity

  • Learn about your true desires in your career

  • Change your relationship with your money wounds/fear of scarcity

  • Learn the dominant players in your system-- people pleasing parts and fear of failure and judgment parts

  • Co-Create a career roadmap for yourself

3) Objective #3- "Taking Up Appropriate Space"

  • Learn to walk in deep alignment with your values

  • Take steps to learn and protect your energy/boundaries

  • Amplify your unique perspective

  • Self advocate for your needs

Here's what we are looking for, and how to know if Embody is right for you:

This group coaching program is for folx..

1 / who want to stop making decisions from a place of guilt and fear of disapproval.You are sick of living in fear and done with betraying and cheating on yourself.
2 / who are wanting to be in a consent based sharing community and to practice active listening.
3 / who are willing to take up space and take personal accountability. You understand that even with a life coach, you're responsible for your results. You ask questions frequently, are comfortable learning in front of others and don't take coaching lessons personally. You understand that personal development is a process, not a destination.
4 / who are willing to take the time to show up every week for 1-1.5 hours for our coaching calls.

This group may not be for you if...

1 / You want a quick fix and expect things to change right away. This group coaching program is the starting point or a supplement to your personal development practices. 
2 / You are looking for biz strategies/resume help. We will talk indirectly about marketing, niching, money management, and other biz matters, but we won't be directly teaching about how to do these things. We will address the inner work that relates to roadblocks that get in the way of career success. 
3 /Prefer to learn on your own (DIY), versus learning and receiving support publicly inside of a supportive and curated community of people who are learning the same skills.
4 / You don't like being coached in a group setting or being recorded on Zoom. We record every meeting (even the 1:1's) and use it to build our library of resources for future coaching clients. This is not a container where I can maintain confidentiality since recordings will be shared to future coaching clients and may be used for testimonials. 

How we'll work together through Embody

The format of Embody is what makes it truly unique and helps you achieve results that were previously not possible. Rest assured the format is the right mix of:


  • Proven Curriculum: our curriculum is structured like a recipe, building you on what to do and in what order, with module-specific tasks to practice what you've learned. 

  • Small Group Coaching: 

    • 3x a month, we'll meet as a small group (over zoom) to go over the framework, process, and any questions you might have. Each call will be about 1-1.5 hours during the week (M-Thursday). If you miss any calls, a recording will be available for you to view at a later time. 

    • 1x a month, we will meet for questions and answers. Each call will be about 1 hour.

    • In addition, there will be a kick-off call and closing celebration. 

  • Private 1:1 coaching​:

    • You will also receive 2 private coaching calls throughout our 4 months to make sure you are getting all the personal attention and feedback you need.  

  • Intimate Community- You will be surrounded by other 1s/2nd Gen Immigrants of Color just like you, who are also experiencing roadblocks in their business--- with similar goals to yours. There will be no shaming or judgment about how you got here and the toxic mistreatment you are experiencing. 

    • Inside of this members only Facebook group, you'll be able to help track one another's progress, support each other through challenges and wins, and keep your drive high! Because we are so selective about who is allowed into the program, rest assured, this is a highly curated community so get excited to meet everyone!

The Biggest Outcomes of Embody:

  • Gain clarity about what your ideal career/business vision looks like. No more questioning about your career. 

  • Gain a sense of deep self trust and self validation.

  • Confidently take 3 practical action steps, without procrastination and fear, that will bring you closer to your dream career. 

You have the ability to put yourself first, while holding the needs of the collective at heart. 

You're here reading this page because you're a 1st/2nd Generation Immigrant of Color who is SO done with...

  • Following the unspoken family "rules" and feeling deeply unfulfilled.

  • Code switching between your family and white dominant culture

  • Living someone else's dream

  • Saying "yes" to requests that are not in alignment with your career because you don't want to disappoint. 

  • Looking outside for external validation and directions

You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you ZERO results.

You’re ready for REAL answers. REAL support. REAL community.

You know what happens when you finally start curating the life you want?

  • You wake up finding yourself curious, confident and capable about where your career is going. You're sipping your morning tea and just marinating in moment because you're not worried about drowning in the worries or fears of your checklist... but open to the possibilities of inner growth that your career will show you.


  • You will feel so safe in your body, even if you run into money troubles, people who criticize you, and start to becoming authentically vulnerable.


  • You know how to get out of burnout because you will know how to slow down. You have more capacity now that you’re not STRESSING about burnout. You have more time and capacity to give to your partner, your kids and yourself. Your focus will be shifted to your inner wisdom instead of outwardly focused on others. You will find yourself feeling more of a sense of agency and control over your own decisions. 

About Embody

At The UnBurnout Strategy, our mission is close the racial wealth gap among by teaching 1st/2nd Gen Immigrants of Color to create a sustainable and peaceful internal environment for them to excel. A belief that our authentic selves possess an inner wisdom or intuitiveness far beyond what the oppressive systems around us gives us credit for. We, as gentle parents to ourselves, can act as guides and facilitators, helping ourselves connect with that inner wisdom. The underlying driving force behind this program is simple but not easy: liberation. We acknowledge the white supremacist, patriarchal and capitalist systems that create the conditions that make our program necessary and understand that our personal awareness of how we are victimized and simultaneously benefit because of these systems is an important first step to liberation. 

WOC folx, particularly South Asian/Latine folx, are one of the lowest paid but highly trained and sought after professionals. This discrepancy leads to burn out and creates barriers to intergenerational wealth building.

We believe that if 1st/2nd Gen Adult Children of Immigrants can take better care of themselves through self-advocacy, they can provide a higher quality of life for future generations. Win-win.

Embody is founded and led by Mental Health Therapist turned coach, Angela Tam, MA, LMHC, whose known for their disruptive perspectives. After being in private practice for 10+ years in Washington State, working with Asian Femmes and Womxn with racialized trauma and healing from emotional neglect, and healing from her own C-PTSD, she is starting to coach others on how to do the same. 

Outside of her role as CEO and Lead Coach at Embody you can find her spending time decolonizing education through unschooling her 3 young children, moving her body in her home gym, cooking comforting foods from her ancestral homeland of China, and hanging out with other friends drinking boba and eating Pho. 

In Embody, you'll finally have more capacity, clarity and confidence.

Are you ready?


Unlike other online-based coaching programs, Embody does not start from a place of deficit coaching. We work with a strength based framework, celebrating your authenticity and equips you with the tools to maximize your magic. 


Embody is different in its focus on your holistic well being (emotional, social, mental and physical wellness).


As a member of Embody, you will be not only be guided step-by-step through the content, but you will be supported, encouraged, motivated and held accountable. Coming out of living a life filled with obligations is a multi-faceted process that involves restructuring schedules, drawing boundaries, and bringing in trusted friends to help. There will be parts of you that will resist the change.... and very intensely!! That is why mutual support in a trusted community is so needed. 


The best part is how absolutely do-able this will be, once you have the right framework and support in your corner.



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